HYDRA CLOUD-9 Hydroxyl Generator (2-Position)
UV Air Purifier with PhotoCatalytic Oxidation Technology

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Removes Odors, Kills Bacteria, Reduces Mold and Airborne Pathogens.
For Occupied Spaces up to 1,500 Square Feet. Compact 2-Position Unit.

Product Overview:
A hydroxyl generator is an advanced air purifier that permanently removes odors and allergens by attacking bacteria, mold spores and airborne pathogens, also known as indoor air pollution. Unlike air purifiers that simply trap particles, the Hydra Cloud-9 uses PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology to breakdown and destroy airborne contamination including viruses.¹ The Hydra Cloud-9 is a true hydroxyl generator, which means that it does not generate harmful ozone and is safe to use continuously in occupied areas.

True hydroxyl technology is safe for deodorizing and disinfecting the air in college dorm rooms, apartments, offices, daycare centers, gyms, fitness centers, locker rooms, hotels and motels, vehicles , RVs, clinics, nursing homes, funeral homes and many other areas without affecting daily routines. Other types of hydroxyl generators are designed for unoccupied or well-ventilated areas because they generate ozone.

The Cloud-9 includes a pre-filter and carbon post-filter, replaceable UVC 254nm germicidal (no ozone) lamp, self-cleaning catalyst and a quiet but powerful centrifugal blower fan. The discharge end has a stainless steel louvered plate to block harmful UVC germicidal light. Inside the device, the UV wavelength excites nano-sized particles of Titanium Dioxide that generate hydroxyls. The unit's germicidal light also sterilizes air inside the unit. The Cloud-9 can set horizontal or vertical so that it can fit in as little as a 6-inch space.

PCO hydroxyl generation, originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to purify air onboard a space station, is ozone-free and safe to use indoors for continuous operation. Photocatalytic Oxidation is FDA-approved for use in Class II medical devices such as air purifiers, N95 respirators and infusion pumps.

BoiE Hydra Hydroxyl GeneratorsHealth Benefits Include:

About Hydroxyl Technology:
Hydroxyls are omnipresent in nature, forming when UV light from the sun splits apart water molecules in the air. The resulting hydroxyl radicals (and super-oxide ions) instantly oxidize thousands of outdoor pollutants. Hydroxyls are nature's primary method of cleaning contaminants from the atmosphere using only sunlight and water vapor. Hydroxyls also kill germs in outdoor air, making it harder for viruses to survive and spread outdoors. The Cloud-9 uses UV light and a catalyst to mimic the reactions that generate hydroxyls, to cleanse indoor air.

Inside the Cloud-9's aluminum-shielded reaction chamber, inorganic and biological contaminates are destroyed on contact with the catalyst surface, including the most resistant strains of bacteria that can survive long periods of exposure to both UV light and household cleaners. In addition, hydroxyls break down odors trapped in the air from mold, formaldehyde, smoke, sewer gas and many other contaminants, reducing them down to carbon dioxide and water. The unit's germicidal light also sterilizes its chamber to keep it germ-free.

The Cloud-9 utilizes the latest PCO technology including shielded ultraviolet germicidal lamps rated for 8,000-hours, a dual ball bearing, long-life centrifugal fan and BoiE's unique 360-Surround permanent nano-anatase TiO2 reactor grid to produce the highest levels of hydroxyls possible without restricting airflow. Other types of hydroxyl generators are designed for unoccupied or well-ventilated areas because they generate ozone. The Cloud-9 is safer for personal use.

Bottom Line:
The Hydra Cloud-9 is great for cleaning occupied spaces by running the unit continuously. Hydroxyl generators won't damage plants or sensitive materials. The Hydra Cloud-9's compact form factor allows it fit on small tables and shelves. It reduces the spread of mold spores.

Like all BoiE products, the Hydra Cloud-9 was designed by indoor air professionals to outlasts and outperform the rest.

Hydroxyl Remediator Certification (Limited Time Offer)
Your purchase includes BoiE's exclusive 32-hour, comprehensive Ozone and Hydroxyl Remediator certification course. Learn how to utilize hydroxyl generation and properly apply ozone for odor removal, disinfection and restoration applications. Learn the protocols, how to identify and assess the source of odors, corrective measures and preparing treatment reports. Provides a path for starting a new business or expanding your current services. Course includes a helpful Online DVD with demonstration videos. You can enroll and simply use the course material as a reference if you don't need the certification.



Type of Use:

Neutralize airborne contaminants, odor reduction for smoke, mold, pets and VOCs

Case Material:

Rugged polymer with stainless steel




Aluminum mesh, carbon


2-position, horizontal or stand upright

Max Coverage:

1,500 sq ft (with 10' ceilings) per unit

Centrifugal Fan:

45 cubic feet per minute (CFM), dual ball bearings

Electrical Rating:

120V~60Hz .25 Amps (30 Watts)

Generation Method:

PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO)


254-nm UV-C (germicidal - no ozone) rated for 8,000-hours

PCO Reactor:

BoiE 360-surround Reactor


Permanent nano-anatase TiO2
30%-85%+ Relative Humidity (RH)

Power Connection:

15 ft heavy duty polarized appliance cord


14 x 6 x 6 inches


3 lbs


1. Foster, Howard & Ditta, Iram & Varghese, Sajnu & Steele, Alex. (2011). Photocatalytic disinfection using titanium dioxide: Spectrum and mechanism of antimicrobial activity. Table 7. Viruses shown to be killed by photocatalytic disinfection: SARS coronavirus. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 90. 1847-68. 10.1007/s00253-011-3213-7.

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