Ozone Spray Bottle and Ozone Water Purifier Overview
Safe, Green, Affordable Disinfectant-Maker and Water Purifier

Ozone Spray Bottle

Ozone Spray Bottle
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Ozone Water Purifier

Ozone Water Purifier
$299 (Free Shipping)

Watch Ozone Dissolving into Tap Water!

Natural On-Demand Cleaning or Water Purification

Ready to buy a salt-free, water-based cleaning solution? It's simple, low-cost and effective. Just fill the spray bottle or container with water, plug in the device, and convert water into a powerful on-demand cleaner. Safe to use on food and around children. Clean, sanitize and deodorize virtually any surface without leaving a residue. Use the same process to make water safe to drink anytime, anywhere.

The commercial food industry uses ozonated water to kill bacteria and viruses, remove pesticides and purify bottled water. Ozonated water kills the same germs as other sanitizers, but doesn't leave a lingering odor or chemical residue. That's because ozone is made from oxygen and is food-safe. You can use ozonated water just like any liquid disinfectant. The advantage is that ozone turns back into oxygen like magic, leaving no trace behind.

Turns water into a powerful all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer, then into purified water!

ozone molecule

1. Oxygen in water is converted to ozone
2. Ozone destroys germs, bacteria and odors
3. Ozone naturally changes back into oxygen

Our mission is to make ozone super easy to use, whether for household cleaning, sanitizing meats or fruits and vegetables, or purifying drinking water. Ozone can do it all with the help of water and a little electrical power, less than it takes to charge a phone. Water ozonation is cleaner and greener than any other chemical surface disinfectant, and safe to use on food or to purify drinking water.

Advantages of BoiE's Ozone Cleaning Technology

Runs automatically and silently. Continuously maintains ozone levels 24-7 while plugged-in. Always ready to use. No moving parts or internal batteries to wear out. No ozone health or safety concerns.

It's your turn to take the next step. Buying an ozonated water cleaning system is economical and safe for your family including children and pets. It's an all natural cleaner that removes odors and eliminates up to 99.99% of germs. And it comes with an unlimited supply of free refills! Perfect for a home, business, or travel. Ozonated water is environmentally friendly, no disposable wipes or single-use plastic. Welcome to a new way of doing clean!

What Our Customers Say

Product Purchased: Ozone Spray
What other cleaner is safe to drink?
I'm impressed! It's all natural and food-safe so I can spray it to clean meat, fruits and vegetables! What other cleaner can do that? I was hesitant at first until I tried it, much easier than cleaning food with baking soda. I put fruits and vegetables in a colander and spray them on all sides. The ozone spray removes dirt, pesticides, wax, germs and bacteria and it's clean and safe to eat, no rinsing needed. What other cleaner does that?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Ozonated Water Do?
Ozonated water cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. Ozone can remove dirt and grime like many household cleaners, but also sanitizes bacteria and germs that live on surfaces without using bleach, alcohol and other chemicals. Finally, ozonated water deodorizes and leaves a fresh clean scent. The smell of ozone generating is similar to the smell of the air during a thunderstorm.

How is Ozonated Water Generated?
BoiE using an electrolytic ozone cell (EOC) submerged in tap water to generate aqueous ozone. The ultra-efficient EOC uses a small amount of electricity to split apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen recombines to create ozone, one of nature's most powerful sanitizers, converting normal Tap Water into a Super Cleaner!

How is Tap Water Significant?
Tap water contains small amounts of dissolved minerals that give the water its taste. Minerals conduct electricity, allowing an electrolytic ozone cell (EOC) to function. Distilled water has no minerals and will not work. Highly-filtered water won't work as well because it has few minerals. If necessary, trace amounts of minerals can be added to water to make it more conductive.

Is Ozonated Water (Aqueous Ozone) a Green Technology?
Yes, aqueous ozone is the greenest of Green Technology because it is sustainable and entirely chemical free, which helps protect your family and the environment. No re-purchasing cleaners or containers, just refill.

Isn't Gaseous Ozone Dangerous to Breathe?
Yes, but when generated and dissolved within water, the aqueous ozone is not airborne or breathable. Any slight off-gassing when the ozone is applied is well below the EPA's permissible limit of .05 PPM.

Can I spray Ozonated Water on Anything?
You can spray aqueous ozone on any surface that would be safe to spray with tap water. This includes fabrics such as couches and bedding, however ozonated water sanitizes hard surfaces the best. The ozone concentration is not high enough to damage most materials, however if there is a concern, test on a small area first.

Does Ozonated Water Leave a Residue?
No. When you start with water, there is nothing else to leave behind once the ozonated water evaporates. After the ozonated water is sprayed and the ozone does its cleaning, any remaining ozone quickly reverts to normal oxygen, leaving no residue behind.

What is the Difference Between Electrolytic Ozone Water and Salt-based Cleaners?
Salt contains chloride, which can be electrolyzed in water to generate hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Chlorine-based sanitizers act slower than aqueous ozone and leave a powdery residue that's composed of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide. Hypochlorous acid is a sanitizer only. A separate cleaner must be used. Aqueous ozone performs both cleaning and sanitizing.

Have Your Ozone Disinfection Products been Lab-tested?
Yes, we have sponsored tests of our devices at accredited laboratories where lab technicians used tap water in our devices to test against bacteria and viruses.
See results. Our devices can infuse water with several parts per million (PPM) of ozone depending on tap water characteristics and operation times. Less than 0.5 PPM is required for ozone to disinfect. The higher the PPM the shorter the dwell time required to sanitize. At least 30 seconds is required to disinfect and 2-5 minutes of contact time is recommended.

What is the Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting?
Cleaners remove pathogens but don't kill them. An example is wiping off a dirty surface with a wash rag. Sanitizers kill 99.9% of pathogens. An example is spraying a recently-cleaned surface with a liquid rated to kill 99.9% of germs. Disinfectants are liquids rated to kill 99.999% of pathogens. Aqueous ozone is rated as all three by independent, EPA-certified labs.

Is it Safe to Add Anything to the Tap Water?
A small amount of lemon juice (citric acid) added to tap water will not harm the electrolytic ozone cell and will help keep it clean by helping to dissolve mineral deposits. Do not add petroleum products.

Can Ozonated Water Replace All Cleaning Products?
Aqueous ozone is a degreaser, an all-purpose cleaner, a super sanitizer and a deodorizer, great for killing germs and general household cleaning. Ozonated water can replace most cleaning products. However, ozonated water does not remove baked-on grease and grime that requires special cleaners and abrasion.

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