HYDRA STEDI-MIST PRO 36-Volt Hydroxyl Generator
Electrostatic Aqueous Ozone Dry Fogger with AC Power Adapter

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Reduces Odors, Air and Surface Pathogens
For Spaces up to 3,500 Square Feet

The BoiE Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro is a portable dry fogging hydroxyl generator inside a rugged case. The unit works on hard and soft surfaces to help restore air quality to homes and businesses. The Stedi-Mist Pro uses a revolutionary polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) to generate an aqueous ozone fogging solution directly from tap water. The fog generates hydroxyls that eliminate odors and break down bacterial spores and pathogens as the fog spreads.

A major advantage is that the Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro is odor-free because its aqueous ozone is made from water and does not combine with air to create odors. Just add cold tap water to the internal tank, set the timer and the machine starts fogging an area automatically. You can also connect a hose attachment to manually apply the fog to specific areas or objects. An induced electrostatic charge attracts the fog to particles in the air and all around surfaces.

The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro produces a safe, on demand liquid ozone sanitizer that is more powerful than bleach and leaves no chemical residue. Water is charged with ozone at 3.0 – 1.0 ppm, that can be verified using ozone test strips, and is well above levels needed to neutralize bacteria and viruses, given sufficient saturation and contact time. Third-party lab tests of our PEM module confirm its ability to destroy bacteria and viruses in as little as 30 seconds. Expand Lab Results

Use the Stedi-Mist Pro to quickly reduce air and surface pathogens in homes or businesses without using chemicals. Aqueous ozone has the power to kill bacteria and viruses including corona-type viruses and leaves only water vapor behind. Aqueous ozone has been the primary method used to remove pathogens and pesticides from fruits and vegetables since the FDA approved the use of ozone as a food disinfectant in 1997.[1]

How It Works:
EPA-registered EstablishmentHydroxyls are highly-reactive (radical) molecules formed naturally when UV light from the sun splits apart water molecules in the air. The resulting hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions instantly oxidize pollutants. Hydroxyls are nature's primary method of cleaning contaminants from the atmosphere using only sunlight and water vapor. Hydroxyls can be generated from aqueous ozone as shown in the following chemistry equation:

H2O (water) + O3 (ozone) —› O2 (oxygen) + H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) + 2 O3 (ozone) —› 2 •OH (hydroxyl) + 3 O2

When electrolyzed in water, dissolved ozone forms a powerful oxidant and virucide that unlike other cleaners, does not stain or leave a chemical residue on surfaces after drying. As ozone decomposes in water, it creates the free radicals hydrogen peroxy (HO2) and hydroxyl (OH) which destroy contamination in the air and on surfaces through a process called protoplasmic oxidation. When released as an electrostatically charged mist, micron-sized ozonated water droplets coat and cling to particles in the air and all around surfaces without saturating materials with liquid.[2]

Odors from flooding, mold spores, cigarette smoke, fire damage, sewage spills, off gassing, body odor and decomposition are all safely broken down by hydroxyls until all that remains is carbon dioxide and water

BoiE's Hydroxyl Carrier System (HCS) is a continuously-generated fine mist of ozonated water, with or without a hydrogen peroxide accelerant present, distributed by a fan that fills a space with a vaporous cloud of recurring hydroxyl reactions that oxidize contaminants in the air and on surfaces that come in contact with the cloud. Adding a cup or more of hydrogen peroxide to the water reservoir will accelerate the production of hydroxyls and other reactive oxygen species.

Dry Fog vs. ULV Fog:
The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro produces a dry fog particle size down to 0.5 µm (micrometer) in diameter, the size needed to attack viruses circulating indoors. By comparison, ultra low volume (ULV) devices emit fog particles that are larger, ranging from 5 to 40 µm and have less effect. Particles emitted from the lungs during breathing and speaking that can transmit viruses, average only 1 µm in size. Hand sprayers and ULV foggers emit particles too large and heavy to remove airborne viruses and are only effective on surfaces.

Electrostatic Function:
The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro adds a positive charge to water molecules contained in the fog. The positively-charged fog clings to airborne contaminants, and is drawn against surfaces and objects that have a slightly negative charge. The attraction is strong enough to coat the underside of objects and surfaces. An added benefit is the removal of airborne dust, pollen and other allergens, which leaves the room air cleaner.

Electrical Safety:
The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro is portable and runs off low voltage DC current that is electrically safe around water and meets certification requirements for international use. An optional battery pack that fits inside can be added for cordless operation. All components are modular and replaceable, from the fog generation module to the ozone generation PEM. The water reservoir is easily removed for filling or cleaning. The rugged case is designed for long life in harsh environments and is simple to service by opening two latches. The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro has a 2-hour timer with an override to allow for continuous operation. If the unit runs out of water the fogging unit will automatically deactivate to prevent damage.

Bottom Line:
The Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro is great for sanitizing homes and businesses after first performing general cleaning. Adding a cup of hydrogen peroxide increases the efficacy. The fog is dry, so much less mess than an electrostatic sprayer that makes surfaces wet. The area fogged must be left unoccupied, and the operator, if present, must wear a respirator and eye protection.* A fogging hydroxyl generator treats an area more thoroughly than an air-only hydroxyl generator. Like all hydroxyl generators, the Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro won't damage plants or sensitive materials. The unit is powerful but compact and easy to carry around.

Like all BoiE products, the Hydra Stedi-Mist Pro was designed by professionals for professionals to exceed, outlast and outperform the competition!

Hydroxyl Remediator Certification (Limited Time Offer)
Your purchase includes BoiE's exclusive 32-hour, comprehensive Ozone and Hydroxyl Remediator certification course. Learn how to utilize hydroxyl generation and properly apply ozone for odor removal, disinfection and restoration applications. Learn the protocols, how to identify and assess the source of odors, corrective measures and preparing treatment reports. Provides a path for starting a new business or expanding your current services. Course includes a helpful Online DVD with demonstration videos. You can enroll and simply use the course material as a reference if you don't need the certification.



Type of Use:

Odor treatment and sanitizing of air and surfaces

Case Material:

Rugged polymer with stainless steel hinge pins

Case Type:

Crush-resistant, lockable






3,500 square ft (35,000 cubic ft)


125 cubic feet per minute (CFM), ball bearings

Electrical Rating:

AC Adapter Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A
Output: 36VDC 4A


Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM)

Power Connection:

5.5mm x 2.5mm

Power Switch:

ON/OFF/ 2 Hour Timer


18 x 13 x 10 inches


10 lbs

* The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), averaged over an eight-hour work shift, for ozone is 0.10 ppm and 1 ppm for hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV). All fogging devices require appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) which include at minimum an N95 respirator and eye protection.

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