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Supercharges Your Hydroxyl Generator!

Hydroxyl generation requires water vapor (relative humidity in the air), the more the better. A hydroxyl generator functions best above 50 percent humidity. Since raising the humidity level evenly throughout a large area is not simple or often desirable, a better option is to raise the humidity level inside the hydroxyl generator.

BoiE's ultrasonic hydroxyl accelerator atomizes water within its reservoir into a cold mist vapor that humidifies the air around it, providing fuel for hydroxyl reactions. When placed near a hydroxyl generator's intake vent, the water vapor is drawn inside the hydroxyl generator where it accelerates hydroxyl formation. The hydroxyl generator breaks down the extra moisture into hydroxyl radicals that oxidize pollutants, resulting in harmless carbon dioxide and water.

BoiE's design uses a curved shield suspended above the float so that water overspray always returns to the reservoir as the water level changes, even if the lid is removed. The entire mechanism can even be placed inside a larger open container such as a 5-gallon bucket and the overspray will still return to the bucket without making a mess. However, we recommend using a cover to keep out dust. BoiE's unique design allows the hydroxyl accelerator to work with any type of hydroxyl generator. Use distilled or purified water to extend the life of BoiE's ultrasonic hydroxyl accelerator.


  • Molded plastic handle makes for easy transportation
  • Wide twist-on, twist-off lid is easy to open and close
  • No Mess water return shield only from BoiE!
  • 1-gallon container can last several days depending on conditions
  • No-holes design allows a full reservoir of distilled water to be sealed and saved
  • Mechanism can be moved to a larger or taller container if needed
  • Durable plastic construction for optimal efficacy and longevity


Type of Use:

Air Humidifier for Hydroxyl Generators


1 gal., twist-on, twist-off lid


All Hydroxyl Generators

Vapor Discharge:

400 mL/H

Electrical Input:


Electrical Output:

DC 24V, 700mA

Generation Method:

Ultrasonic Frequency

Power Cable:

Length: 6' 10 inches


6.5 x 6.5 x 8 inches


1 lbs

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