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Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK PRO-D, SHOCK CANNON
Number of Stars:

"I've been using ozone on projects for the last decade and your generators fit the bill and have the power to do the job. The convenience features you've added are nice, but I'm most impressed with the output which is very high and better than expected. I will be buying more."
Chris F., Ft. Worth, TX

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK JUNIOR
Number of Stars:

"Impressed! Not like the ozone purifiers I've used in the past from [ removed ] :-( not much else to say except it is very small but works well and much more powerful than the one from [ removed ]. The shipping took longer than expected."
Samantha S., Hillsboro, OR

Number of Stars:

"I've tried every other program and Inspection Report Creator is much easier to use and figure out. I use a ruggedized tablet and I complete reports with a stylus pen. This saves me an enormous amount of time compared to the old way. The other day I dropped my tablet climbing into a crawlspace and had to restart it. I thought I had lost my report but the Auto-Recovery button brought back the whole report! Absolutely first rate..."
J.B. Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK PRO-D, SHOCK TOOLBOX
Number of Stars:

"I cleaned and deodorized a 4-unit apartment in preparation for a listing and used a PRO-D and TOOLBOX in combination. I finished the entire odor removal project on a Thursday, and the following day I got a call from the owner who had just finished a walk-through and couldn't believe the results. Absolutely no smoke odor or mildew odor remained! When you can deliver that kind of results you get a lot of referrals!"
Mike V., Woodbury, MN

Product(s) Purchased: HYDRA QUAD Hydroxyl Generator
Number of Stars:

"Absolutely amazed about this Hydroxyl Generator! It really does clean the air of microscopic toxins that cause allergies. We tried every other product but after running this unit with the hydroxyl accelerator for one day everyone in the house is breathing better and feeling less congested. It is compact but spreads air all across the room. Well worth the purchase!"
Pam B., Sioux Falls, SD

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK TOOLBOX
Number of Stars:

Mike J., Oakland, CA

Number of Stars:

"I love it! Much easier to use than the other programs. It's amazing how quickly I can finish a report with your software that would take forever with another program. I think the ease of use is the best benefit so far..."
L.H. Greenacres, FL

Number of Stars:

"I've been using Inspection Report Creator and I'm very satisfied with it. I do inspections part-time, once or twice a week and being able to create the report on-site is a big plus even if you don't deliver it right then because it gives you peace of mind. I also like the way it makes sure you check everything and refreshes your memory."
R.J. Atascadero, CA

Number of Stars:

"I'd like to thank you for all the time you spent troubleshooting my problem. The problem with my printer is solved and that report I called about is finished and printed! I appreciate you being there and helping every time I've called. That is something you don't see every day."
M.S. Englewood, CO

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK HOME
Number of Stars:

"The ozone generator solved our moldy smelling basement problem! We had fixed the water leak months earlier but the mildew smell remained even after cleaning the carpets and no matter how many dehumidifiers, air purifiers or fans we ran. In fact we avoided the whole finished basement whenever we could. We gave the ozone generator a try (actually ran it twice in two separate areas on timers). When we came home after work the first time the odor was nearly gone, and after the second treatment it smelled clean like the rest of the house. Very pleased with the results and are happy to spread the word!"
Tom S., Marion, OH

Product(s) Purchased: HYDRA PRO XL Hydroxyl Generator
Number of Stars:

"I used the Hydra Pro on a fire-damaged upper story apartment and it removed the smoke odor much faster than any other hydroxyl generator I used. I like this unit better because it's lighter and easier to transport."
Allen B., Shreveport, LA

Product Purchased: SHOCK CANNON
Number of Stars:

"Thanks for the solution Matt! Your advice with the ozone generator helped a lot with my last commercial mold remediation project. I was able to supply fresh air to the back of the unit by means of a flex duct and was able to flood the area with ozone reaching several times the kill level needed. Your ozone cannon really works and the customer support is great!"
Frank K., Norfolk, VA

Number of Stars:

"First I'm not a spokesman nor was I asked to write this review, I'm a satisfied customer. I have owned and used ozone generators for many years, mostly for use in the restoration field. Name an ozone generator and I have probably owned, used or rented it. The technology has changed from bulky to smaller more compact models with much higher ozone output than the 3,500mg I once bragged was my powerhouse! BOIE is the best I have owned in terms of power and ease of use. They have taken all the gripes I have had about ozone machines and corrected them. Things like bad powercords and switches, fans that only blow on the floor, ozone plates that fail after a few months, and hard to store and transport, basically a clumbsy metal box with a hole on each end. When I saw their vertical discharge designs and hose attachments I thought, "Finally somebody gets it!" Folks, these are some great designs and the plates are double-sided stainless steel, that alone is worth its weight! I encourage you to try it for yourself!"
Charlie N., Omaha, NE

Product(s) Purchased: HYDRA PRO Hydroxyl Generator
Number of Stars:

"Just finished a project on a home that was flooded. The unit ran 24-7 from day one. Mold never developed anywhere during the project even after a work delay. Sheetrock removal showed no mold growth. After the re-build we used the unit for the final air scrubbing and the project passed mold clearance testing with flying colors!"
L.S., Pompano Beach, FL

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK TOOLBOX
Number of Stars:

"Works great at getting bad odors from cars, especially from smokers, also that spoiled smell that gets into fabric and carpets. I use the wand and brush on the headliner and seats then just stick the hose through the window and let it run and works every time! I'm happy with the purchase and would highly recommend, the only negative is that it is loud."
Saul P., Lancaster, PA

Product(s) Purchased: HYDRA FUSION Hydroxyl Generator
Number of Stars:

"I'm very satisfied with the Hydra Fusion both as a hydroxyl generator and as an ozone generator. I've used this unit to deodorize vehicles using ozone and to run continously inside a home with smokers (in hydroxyl mode). When the unit runs overnight the smell is completely gone the next day. I've also treated the home with ozone and have gotton odor free results! The only suggestion I have to make the fan quieter as I am a light sleeper and have to shut the door while it running, but is does the job and is well worth it."
M.T., Elk Grove, CA

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK PRO-D
Number of Stars:

"I run a car detailing business and received the Shock Pro-D quickly and it worked perfectly. It killed the nasty dog smell in a K9 police car. Auto detailers need good quality ozone generators and your product works great!"
Glenn U., Wappingers Falls, CA

Product(s) Purchased: HYDRA FUSION Hydroxyl Generator
Number of Stars:

"We purchased the Hydro Fusion about 9 months ago for a mold remediation project and we are very pleased with the product. We will be buying more from you in the future."
Margaret S., Great Falls, VA

Product(s) Purchased: SHOCK MEGAPRO-D
Number of Stars:

"I received my Shock MegaPro-D today, Thanks so much for getting it so soon, now I can do my scheduled job. The unit is very nice and got everything, also it works fine. Just again want to thank you for everything and look forward to buying more."
F.W., Holiday, FL

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We have been in business since 1999 and are well-known throughout the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. We are an EPA-Registered Establishment #99115-SD-1, offer environmental training and manufacture the best ozone generators and hydroxyl generators available. Customers receive a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year unlimited warranty and lifetime customer support.

We take pride in our products and training and are always there to offer help and support. We know how much your business reputation depends on using reliable products with top-notch support if anything goes wrong. We are on the cutting edge of the industry and are always looking for ways to improve our products and offer you more value.

We build the best ozone and hydroxyl generators on the market today. Every unit is assembled in-house and goes through quality control and rigorous testing before we ship. If something goes wrong or wears out, we carry every part and will offer the best solution to get you up and running quickly. We take care of our customers!


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