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Report Software
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Inspection Report Creator is cloud-based reporting software pioneered and improved by our company over many years. Our report software can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and a web browser. As you fill out the report, the data is saved automatically into a secure online database so you never have to worry about losing any of your data when you are in the field. It is also easy to login to the report system, click on the desired report, and edit, save, print, or email the report in PDF format to the client.


  • Access any report, from anywhere, at anytime with your username & password
  • Use it on any PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.
  • Customizable checklist for offline data collection
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited custom forms
  • Toll-free support

Easy-to-Use Report Software

  • Step one: Collect your data, one item or one section
  • Step two: Click save, the data is saved to the Cloud
  • Step three: Continue until you are finished
  • Step four: Preview and print the report on-site, or finish it later from any computer. Another employee can even log on, view it and OK it, after you finish.

Easy-to-Deliver Reports

  • Print on location
  • Call the client, have them print from their location
  • Print from your home/office
  • Email report to a client
  • Drive to meeting location, view report with client

Easy-to-Customize Templates

  • Room-based
  • System-based
  • Supports multiple forms
  • Auto-comments
  • Point-and-click customization

Benefits from Use
Inspection Report Creator contains an intuitive menu system that keeps you within a few clicks or taps of any component, so you can finish your report efficiently. You also have access to an extensive auto comment library and an invoicing system. IRC helps write the report based on your answers to simple "yes or no" questions that you can edit. This increases your report thoroughness and helps prevent omissions by prompting you for input. You can also insert and save pre-written narratives that you can use with all your following inspections.

Better Bottom Line
We have the best price point in the industry for a high-quality report product with a cloud-based report system. Reputable competitors charge much higher upfront fees and higher maintenance fees for cloud storage. We give you the advanced features you need for just a $199 annual cloud service fee which allows you to deliver first class report service to your clients while making your job a lot easier.

  • Enroll in one course and receive the Standard version free along with the first year of cloud services!
  • Enroll in multiple courses and receive the Professional all-report version free along with 1-year of cloud services!

Fifteen (15) day free trial
Use a fully functioning version for up to 15 days for no charge. Signing up for the free trial account takes only minutes and you can access the online forms immediately. You can purchase a subscription to use the software at any time during the free trial or later at anytime you decide to purchase after reviewing the software.

Why Customers Trust BoiE

We have been in business since 1999 and are well-known throughout the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. We offer environmental training and manufacture the best ozone generators and hydroxyl generators available. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year unlimited warranty and lifetime customer support. Read our FAQs page for terms, conditions, and lead times.

We take pride in our products and training and are always there to offer help and support. We know how much your business reputation depends on using reliable products with top-notch support if anything goes wrong. We are on the cutting edge of the industry and are always looking for ways to improve our products and offer you more value.

We build the best ozone and hydroxyl generators on the market today. Every unit is assembled in-house and goes through quality control and rigorous testing before we ship. If something goes wrong or wears out, we carry every part and will offer the best solution to get you up and running quickly!


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