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Great for Quickly Deodorizing and Disinfecting Vehicles
Treats Up to 4,800 Square Feet, Includes 1-Touch Timer

Power Matters. We use the latest high-frequency electronic transformers and space-saving electrode design that produces 4x more ozone than older technology, reducing application times by 75 percent!

The BoiE Shock Toolbox 48000MG/HR is a powerful corona discharge ozone generator within a rugged, industrial case that produces enough ozone for shock ozone treatments* of spaces up to 4,800 sq. ft. Just a 15-minute treatment with the Shock Toolbox generates more ozone than competitor ozone machines produce in 2 hours.

The Shock Toolbox is a specialized ozone generator for professionals who need to remove serious odors from vehicle interiors, cabinets, lockers, shelving, high ceilings and other hard-to-reach surfaces. Our customers have often had limited success with other products, and are looking for a better quality ozone generator with the power to get the results they need, and at a reasonable price.

Ozone can disinfect corona-type viruses within seconds.¹ Studies have concluded that coronaviruses can circulate in the air for hours and live on surfaces like metal, glass and plastic for days.²

How it Works:
The Shock Toolbox is an all-in-one device that is simple to operate, service and repair. The unit has a powerful centrifugal fan that draws fresh air across ultra high-quality 304 stainless steel ozone plates, then blasts ozonated air upwards. The ozone discharge can reach high spaces or can be directed inside cavities such as vehicle interiors using the included hose. The Shock Toolbox case has a folding handle for easy transport and storage, and has latches on the sides for easy opening and cleaning.

The included 7-ft hose can be used to distribute ozone through vehicle windows or into building ductwork or cabinets. The Shock Toolbox includes extensions and attachments to apply ozone directly into carpets, upholstery, vehicle headliners, furniture fabric and bedding. When finished, the hose and attachments store neatly inside the case.

When used inside a building with the hose removed, the Shock Toolbox blows ozonated air upwards towards ceilings where the heavier ozone naturally sinks back down. This motion helps distribute ozone evenly throughout the space without needing to use additional fans. The unit comes with a built-in 20-ft power cord that stores conveniently inside the case for easy transport. With its unique functionality, the Shock Toolbox ozone generator is a great tool for a variety of odor removal and sterilization applications.

Bottom Line:
The BoiE Shock Toolbox 48G is a handy device due to its multiple-use capability. It is primarily designed for commercial automotive use and hard-to-reach spaces. Corona discharge ozone generation works well under moderate air temperature and humidity, produces a large amount of ozone and requires minimal maintenance.

Like all BoiE products, the Shoxk Toolbox was designed by professionals for professionals to be a field-ready workhorse that exceeds, outlasts and outperforms the competition.

Ozone Remediator Certification (Limited Time Offer)
Your purchase includes BoiE's exclusive 32-hour, comprehensive Ozone and Hydroxyl Remediator certification course. Learn how to properly apply ozone and utilize hydroxyl generation for odor removal, disinfection and restoration applications. Learn the protocols, how to identify and assess the source of odors, corrective measures and preparing treatment reports. Provides a path for starting a new business or expanding your current services. Course includes a helpful Online DVD with demonstration videos. You can enroll and simply use the course material as a reference if you don't need the certification.


  • Flush construction to facilitate transportation and storage
  • Applies high-pressure ozonated air over a long distance
  • Reinforced case to protect ozone plates
  • Vertically adapted blower to blast ozone upwards
  • 7-foot Hose, extensions and cleaning attachments
  • Long-life 304 stainless steel ozone plate electrodes
  • 304 Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Quick-change "solder-free" ozone plates, just 4 screws
  • Marine-grade tin-plated copper wiring
  • Waterproof heat shrink electrical crimp connectors
  • Anti-oxidant compound applied to copper wire connections
  • Dielectric silicone paste used to protect metal parts from corrosion
  • Thermally-protected blower motor
  • Overload-protected, short-proof transformers
  • BoiE warranty which exceeds the industry standard


Type of Use:

Commercial shock treatments with low to moderate humidity

Case Material:

Rugged polymer

Case Type:

Toolbox-style, stackable


1-position, Top Blower


High Visibility OSHA Yellow/Gray

Shock Coverage:

Maximum 4,800 square ft building with 10 ft ceilings

Run Time:

25 minutes per 1,000 square ft for light to medium odors

Top Blower:

110 cubic feet per minute (CFM), 5HP Integrated Cage Fan, Noise: 80 dBA

Hose Attachment:

Yes, included hose and attachments, stores inside case

Electrical Rating:

120V~60Hz 10.75 Amps

Overcurrent Protection:

Yes, fuse for ozone plates; blower motor internal thermal protection

Generation Method:

Corona Discharge


48,000 mg/hr (ambient air)


Double-sided Ceramic, 304 Stainless Steel Electrodes
Working Temperature: 14°F-104°F, 35%-85% Relative Humidity (RH)

Power Connection:

20' integrated cord, stores inside case

Accessory Outlet:


Power Switch:



20 x 11 x 13 inches




20' Grounded Power Cord
1-Touch Countdown Timer (15/30/60 min, 2/4/6 hrs)

*Shock Ozone Treatment
In testing conducted by the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, an ozone concentration of 5-10 parts per million was needed to kill toxic mold specimens in high and low-humidity environments, respectively.³ Don't be fooled by manufacturers that claim to shock treat large spaces with a small or unspecified amount of ozone. An ozone generator must produce at least 1,000 mg/hr of ozone to shock treat a 100 sq. ft. room with 10 ft. ceilings. Low-power ozone generators will leave an ozone scent but odors will quickly return.


1. Zhou Muzhi, Ozone: A Powerful Weapon to Combat COVID-19 Outbreak, Cloud River Urban Research Institute (2020)
2. Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents. Kampf, G. et al. Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 104, Issue 3, 246 - 251
3. Raymond S. Steiber, Ozone Generators in Indoor Air Settings, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Page 8 (1995)

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